Heart Talk–Being Yourself!

We all have opinions about each one of us. We  do all possible gossiping about people around us and name it as “Sharing opinions”.

But as we are inching towards the end of 2017, I felt at times it’s good to isolate yourself. It’s good to take tough decision which might make situations easy for you.

There were times people got  scared by seeing how complete and happy I was in my own company. We think that it’s necessary to follow the rules set by people around us. We change our attitude to match there likes and dislikes.And we simply follow the crowd.

Trust me! It’s absolutely okay to comment when you look at cheesy couples. Mostly you simultaneously have two reactions: 90% of you get irritated seeing their cutie cute love story and the other 10% wonders how can any couple involve so much cheesiness in their life.
Well, in this world of match making where everyone is busy pairing each other. I feel it’s completely okay to say NO to someone with whom you’re not willing to ‘settle’ if they don’t deserve you. You’re somebody who is giving yourself time to figure out who the ‘I’ in the mirror is, before you can move to the complication of figuring out a ‘we’. 
Maybe you don’t want to attach strings right now, or maybe you’ve just cut them. Either way, it’s you now. It’s time for you to work on the greatest love story in the world: the one you have with yourself. To figure out what you love instead of who you love. To not share your pizza, fries, or chocolate. To not wait for anyone before watching the season finale. To take your book out on a date to a coffee house. To buy yourself that gorgeous pair of shoes.
There can be situations when you tend to take wrong decision because you were confused. You will be regretting for that one decision that you took. But in the end of all your thoughts, tears, time and regret, you will realize that you cannot undo it. You have to handle the situation further based on that one decision. And one day you will reach towards a point when you’ll be okay with everything. You will stop cribbing about little issues.Maybe you’ll learn to be neutral and give yourself little bit of time.

And yes, inspite of sharing your opinions about others, you know they will never change. Maybe they are wrong for you but that doesn’t mean they’re wrong for everyone.The way you hate someone, similarly you must be hated by others.And i can bet , you cannot do anything about it.(Personalexperience)At times you’ll realize that few people speak to you sweetly or are in your favor just because they don’t want to make you feel bad.Well, that doesn’t means you’re important to them. Maybe they do it out of courtesy or out of any guilt.

So , you need to know what’s more important to you in your life rather than wasting time thinking, “Are you important to someone or not?”And the day you’ll stop peeping into other’s life and start thinking about yours, maybe you won’t have any more regrets for yourself.

The entire world is yours to conquer- and when you wake up in the morning with a smile on your face, singing a duet in the shower by yourself- something tells me you do conquer it. With tiny but firm steps, each day.Beginnings can be tough for you to forget certain things but you have to be strong enough to ignore them.Because each day counts.

So RustedLeavesWriter says, “Be yourself and embrace yourself for your own good instead of charming others.”

Happy 2018 🙂


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