Heart Talk–Tantrums!

You may not be able to control every situation and it’s outcome but you can control your attitude and how you deal with it. In your life you may walk across conditions whose consequences can be bad or worst.But all you can do is , stay there and watch.

There will be a time when the reality will hit you hard. Realities like, your parents are the only one to handle all your tantrums. I know it might hurt you. But that’s actually true.You may find hard to survive in this world. You may think , “How cruel this world is?” You may feel ,”Sorry for yourself.”But here is the bitter truth. You are way too selfish to think all these because these things starts bothering you when you’re the one suffering.

Well, that’s human nature. And in order to show world you may act weak or strong depending on your needs.But you’ll reach to a point, when you  will be okay with everything happening in others life. And the reason behind is, maybe you’re so much lost in your life that deep inside you don’t care what’s happening around you.

You may act as as strong, funny, carefree person but ,every day , before you sleep , some kind of thoughts keep haunting your brain.You may have regrets carrying within yourself.Maybe those regrets are worth. Maybe you shouldn’t have ever crossed line from your side in anyway. You must have broke at some particular time when you should have actually acted strong and bold. And there you go. That moment is still rolling over your head. 

You may get confused that whose side you’re. There will be people at each stage of your life trying to influence you. And when you think that “It’s very easy to brain wash your thoughts.” Well, I feel that’s the fakest reason one can give to console themselves.
There will be time people will talk about you behind your back. Few may think you’re overdramatic and make fuss about everything. Maybe you don’t create scenes intentionally. But trust me, no one will believe that. Few may also think you’re two sided. They may call you fake. But in the end , you’re the one who knows yourself. The real you.You cannot be happy everytime. Right from the day you’re born. You’re as greedy as everyone on this earth. 

Things might go wrong with your friends. Things might become worst at your workplace. You may feel like you’re stuck somewhere as you do not have any choice.Then, you need to make choices smartly. You need to stay there with full confidence. You need to handle all the tantrums thrown at you. You need to keep going with all appreciations as well as ignorance. Everyone cannot love you. Everytime you cannot take someone for granted.

It’s the rule of life and you can never play it in your way. You can either live with regrets , feeling sorry about yourself or maybe you can act strong hiding all your scars and emotions behind and focus on things which are more important.

Thus, RustedLeavesWriter says, Keep Going!Keep Loving !


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