Heart Talk–Fake !

At some point of time, you may be banged up, mentally and emotionally.Literally and metaphorically.But every day you need to walk outside with a smile on your face because that is who you are.

Maybe you’ll feel sorry for all bullshit life gave you.You maybe annoyed at yourself.But you cannot allow few stories to get revealed on your face.And if others think, you’re fake .Then it’s okay. They only know the story which you want to show.So make sure you are making choices which is good for you.

People may think you’ve changed.So let them think. Because no matter how hard you try, someone, somewhere is gonna be unhappy and trust me you cannot do anything.You need to understand and believe that you are not heartless, maybe you have become emotionally conservative. And if that makes world think that you have changed then you cannot do anything.

Sometimes , you go through something and it hurts and you don’t know if things are ever going to be okay again. But then days go by and you learn how to handle yourself and the mess which you created on first place. It might be hard to believe, but the sooner you accept , you’ll be able to move on.
You think maybe you’re ignoring your emotions and they’ll come back out of no where. Until you realise that you’ve learned to keep things among yourselves. You learn how to keep yourselves away from those haunting thoughts. Maybe few things didn’t break you rather they made you more mature and kind of a strong person.
And if still people think that you’ve changed or you’re rude or worst case you have mastered in ignoring them, then Maybe it’s not your fault.
Let the circumstances play it’s role because even if you want to change mindset of those who think you’re fake, you may end up hurting yourself all over again.

So , at times it’s okay to be fake and selfish.


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