Am I Fine?

Those joyful days,

Birthday plan in month of May.

Those stress-free weeks,

Where fun was the priority at any peak.

All these last for a while and life throws battles on us,

It tries to test our strength and trust.

You never know what Mr. Fate has planned for you,

Things might make you happy or break you.

You won’t be able to face crowd,

You may wonder what is it all about.

The only company you would like to prefer will be of “yours”,

Youmight get scared to explore.

Thepast might kill your heart,

Well, you may imagine your dreams getting apart.

You won’t be able to blame anyone,

Inorder to escape from present, you cannot even run.

And then you sit and think how happy you were once upon a time,

Seeing yourself right now, you may question yourself, “Am I fine?”.


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