How they met?

At times you don’t know if it’s an end to something or beginning of other,

Still you choose to forgive yourself and continue the journey.

Because even if you have tons of haters, you choose to continue for few who loves you.

Don’t know if she was happy or sad,
Few things were good, rest was bad.

She herself was confused with her smile,
Wondering if it’s real or fake across several miles.

She loved one and was judgemtal about many ,
Wondering if her presence troubles any.

The so called “Love” whom she liked, thought she is fake,
While others were talking about her sadist story as cherry on cake.

Few days ago she was in guilt, thinking she did something wrong,
Well, the bitter truth broke her heart but she acted strong.

She realised that loved one lied on her face,
And unfortunately she did few confessions of hers with grace .

She is not sure if she has any regrets about her confessions,
She felt like a fool who believed his words and continued her life session.

She felt betrayed and lost,
Turning into an introvert was the cost.

Slowly she was turning into an isolated girl,
Who was messed up by her own decisions made in this life’s curl.

This was one of the rare scenarios when she thought, “mom & dad were right”,
And that day a talkative girl became quite.

She couldn’t accept the fact, that her choice was wrong,
She felt like she has become like a cold hearted bitch now and maybe for lifelong.

If she recall the situations, she was able to join the dots,
She realised how stupid she was to trust his words without any “Why’s and what”.

Somewhere she knew the truth but she choosed to believe him,
Maybe that decision of hers dragged her life to sink.

As its said , “Love is blind” , she gave him benefit of doubt,
Thinking there can be a reason why he never spoke truth out .

But then it was depressing when she realized he didn’t care ,
And she felt that fools like her who let their self respect chucked are rare.

It was high time for her to take practical decisions,
As anyways she was a “Bitch” in his vision.

With a broken heart and a strong mindset,
She decided to forget “How they met”.

And maybe this time , don’t worry about past or future,

Try to go with the flow.


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