She will find a way…!

So love happened again,
Out of blue.
A new chapter begin,
This time it was true.
No games involved,
Except the love itself.
She was now a mystery solved,
Magically she found herself.
This was the best thing,
Ever happened to her.
Unless life cut her wings,
And everything becomes blur.
This time god stepped in,
The one she thought gave her the happiness.
But didn’t know, will become a sin.
Still wondering about her luck in matter of love,
Well, to fall once again , she doesn’t have any guts.
She was the victim , she was the criminal,
She wished she would have fallen for someone who was little bit of original.
Her friends ping her to know how she feel,
Typing “wssp” and expect her to reveal.
She was tired of becoming strong and keeping her ego high,
She realized that their bond is over without a goodbye.
She screamed in mute in pain,
Pillow soaked all her rain.
Finally dead soul melting on bed,Hurt heart beating in pray,
She woke up smiling, promising she will find a way.


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