Let It Go!

And sometimes,
What we want is exactly what we need.
But, sometimes….
What we need is a new plan.

Never thought, Finding a new plan will be so Tough…..!!

Having cup of tea alone at serene rooftop,
Tears rolled down her cheeks drop by drop.

There were no reasons to be defined,
Stuck between decisions followed by heart and mind.

Upset about so many things,
Scared to know what Mr.Fate might bring.

Trying hard each day to cheer up,
Maybe the wounds are deeply stuck.

Bruised, Broken and shattered is how she felt,
Still wondering why she let her heart melt?

With each sip of her tea,
She wished all kind of thoughts should be free.

She didn’t feel like discussing with anyone,
Maybe because she was so tired and done.

With the last sip of her tea, she decided to wipe her tears,
Whispers of her thoughts screaming in her mind she could still hear.

Maybe this time she should allow life to go with a flow,
And there are few things which she had to let it go.


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