Something Just Like This..(Contd…)

I pick up my pen again,
Trying to forget all the pain.

Admiring the nature beauty,
Cheers to pain and to tragedies that dances through me.

Travelling across to change mindset,
Wondering about the people I met.

Trip with thoughts and soul,
Trippy songs and crossing Toll.

Living each day with shattered mind,
Waiting for heart and soul to bind.

Climbing up the hill top to enjoy the serene view,
Struggling to stop thinking about few.

Desires left me heartbroken,
Wishes were left unspoken.

Standing alone in the chilly weather,
Eating Maggie and thinking what’s needs to be done further.

Such kind of journey might sound lonely,
But at times you can enjoy your company only.

Here’s to the empty roads,Lonely journey with a soul to explode

Here’s to the beautiful rain,
Time to move on from hidden pain.

Here’s to the long drive, Wondering why these memories are still alive.

Sitting with a cup of tea on a cliff,
Singing song something just like this!


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