At times you’re misunderstood ,

And it ends everything!

She want to leave, she wants to stay,
Confused and struggling to find a way.

She is happy, she is sad,
Wondering if current phase of her life is good or bad.

She is frustrated, she is cranky,
At times she acts ok, otherwise she gets angry.

She is loved, she is hated,
But her life has become complicated.

She is adamant, she is unsure,
Hoping to get a permanent cure.

She thought she was in love, she realised she is still in love,
But the great silence is maintained all above .

She loves few, she hates many,
she gets confused and scary.

She is stuck with memories,
She needs to move on from old stories.

She has become a mess,
With a shattered heart and soul which needs rest.

She laughs in a group,
Alone she cries in a loop.

She has become a dreamer,
But there was a time when she was a achiever.

She is considered as jolly, she is considered as fake,
All she can do is stay focused and wait.

She is strong, she is broken,
She decided to leave few things left unspoken.

She is appreciated, she is cursed,
She tries to bend her thoughts and merge.

Maybe she needs time to heal,
As she has lot of things on her plate to deal.

For few she was a depressed soul,
And for others she was a girl who fights for things which are out of her control.

Few thought she betrayed them,
And they acted like they don’t give a damn.

Finally she was tired giving explanation to all,
Because she knew she cannot overcome this fall.

Her trust was broken,
She received life lessons as token.

So there she is,
At times happy,
At times cranky,
Searching for broken pieces.
Because she is tired of circumstances and twist of Mr.Fate in her life.

Thus, she decided to try to be HERSELF and think of HERSELF.


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