So What?

So what if she travels solo,
Maybe the society should break the stereotype mentality and let her grow.

So what if she chooses the single life,
She pays her own bills and does not want to be someone’s wife.

So what if she has lost her virginity before getting married,
If you have any problem, maybe your soul should be buried.

So what if she hates the colour pink,
Her choices don’t affect your life. Stop and Think.

So what if she can’t cook,
Her life is amazing the way it is, take a closer look.

So what if she likes partying,
Freaks who judge her character should change the way they think.

So what if she chooses not to wear lipstick,
Amongst her many wonderful traits, is that what you’re seriously going to pick?

So what if she has more guy friends,
I don’t understand, why declaring her a slut has become a trend?

So what if she is a little extra on the girth,
Her waist size has got nothing to do with her worth.

So what if she has achieved promotion before you,
Learn to respect her hardwork instead of spreading nasty rumours without any reality clue.

So what if her dress is short or shows some skin,
Let’s not point fingers and first search, within.

In today’s world, she is not asking for a competition, about who is better,
Treat her like a companion with respect, that’s the only thing which matters.

Be You !