Mixed Emotions : 25Years!!

We all hate growing old, yet we celebrate our birthdays!!

I realised this fact on completing 25 years of my life.

But there was something different this year, the rush and excitement for “My Day” was reduced.

It’s not that I was not happy, but all I could do was smile at midnight and said to myself, “Here you go girl, happy 25th!”

Somewhere I felt that distributing chocolates during school days and going out for dinner with family gave more joy to my soul rather than partying with my friends at some bar.

Things “were” different and things “are” different, still the journey continues.

And in between all this chaos, I felt Life’s got to give us some good apples along with the rotten ones, right, maybe for balance?

For the first time, I was not bothered about my social media posts or how many wishes did I receive?

For the first time, I didn’t go for my birthday shopping.

And also, for the first time, I felt little more responsible for my life and I tried setting up a goal.

It’s not like I didn’t enjoy, but this year I did what made me happy and away from the thought that “what would others think?”

Few might tag it as a “boring birthday” or with some other fancy phrase.

And I would say, they have all the rights to put across their opinions.

All I know is it won’t affect me.

Yes, it might be a bold statement but to be honest , end of the day it’s my day and I have all rights to celebrate it .

So, here I go, 25 years old, who is trying to set a plan to lead my life and be determined about it.

Another ordinary girl who is trying to live a carefree, bold and beautiful life on her own terms and conditions.

Yes, 25th year do contains mixed emotions!!

Still can’t decide to be extremely happy or should stay focused and bit more mature!!

All I could say for now is , “Happy birthday To Me!!”

Here’s to better Me,

Here’s to Happy Me,

And of course, here’s to Bold & Beautiful Me!!


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