Halloween Eve!

Monsters, stalking through the night,

Halloween is the Night of Fright.

Fear is what this night brings,

Along with many other things.

Fun was the flavor of the day,

Seeing other team work and we staying on mode “away.”

So everything was decided, from snacks to dress color code,

Everyone was ready for the pictures to upload.

Face painting was the idea to get Halloween feel,

And the painted faces looked kind of scary and we hardly believed they were real.

Black color dress code added extra charm to the Halloween night,

Because it was night of fright.

“Trick or Treat” is the Halloween line people say,

But On production floor happy faces were seen by the end of the day.

In ancient times people feared this night,

But the present trend says, “Halloween party” is the main highlight.

So this 31st October, gave us loads of memories to keep,

Until the next “Halloween Eve.”


Thus, RustedLeavesWriter says, stay scary, stay lively 😉


She Is Trending In His Dreams!

It was a happy Friday night,

Love story of my friend , I thought to write.

After a serious break up, he decided to move on,

He was happy that mask of past memories is gone.

One fine day, he gave me a call,

And said, ‘I got a girl for whom I can rise or fall.’

I laughed from other side and said ,’ Congrats buddy,’

He continued blabbering and said ‘Bro I am feeling so lucky.’

Finally , he started telling all his story,

I was happy seeing his heart of glory.

Good friends they have become now,

To move to next step, his heart ponders-HOW.

As there is a twist added by Mr. Fate,

The girl has gone through a break up phase, thus, my friend decided to wait.

He continues to be her good friend,

Always tries his luck to plan for weekend.

He always tries to sit next to her in office,

At times he succeed, at times there is no profit.

Still he never lose his hopes,

Because he is ready to try beyond the bend of roads, the distant slopes.

I said him,  ‘You are truly, madly, deeply in love with her, it seems,’

And he replied saying, ‘Yes, because she is Trending in my dreams.’

Because You Are Magical!

The songs and the silence in the heart,
you rule over all my moods that I  don’t wanna get apart.

You have always succeeded to make me happy,
You have varieties of songs for all situations from brushing my teeth to eating Maggie.

You have helped me to ignore crappy people around me,
Seeing your collections makes me feel free.

You have stored songs for all my moods,
I can listen to them throughout the night and by the woods.

If I am sad, you are ready with all sentimental, emotional songs,
And i feel this song is composed for me and to no one else it belongs.

If I am happy, you are ready with all hip-hop, rock music,
At times I feel that it is played for me exclusive.

Thank you for always being my loyal partner during busy traffic hours,
You alone have lot of power.

Whenever I felt helpless,
In your list you stored Shayne ward breathless.

Without you I couldn’t have written a single blog,
You have encouraged me to perform Monologue.

Whether I am on a road trip or at my office,
You were part of each journey and gossip.

Ear plugs and headsets make your collection more special,
I know you and ear plugs were dating each other, and now It’s official.

Each one of us have different collections,
After listening just one song , there Is change In our expression.

You have acted as messenger when I am unable to express myself,
You have all kind of songs so that one can express their happy-sad go moments by themselves.

My Dear Playlist, you are magical for each and every living being present,
I enjoy each and every story related with all the songs and moments which I  have spent.

You can make me forget all my pain,
You can bring out the sun when i can only see the rain.

I put on my headphones and play all of my songs,
I could listen “My Favorites” playlist all day long.


All you need is a good song to cheer up your mood ❤